Rehab Horses


his story… Jake is an older Kiger mustang who has has a rough go this last year. He came to RCER in June 2018 scoring a 1 on the Henneke scale. A trip to the vet for a eval, some tooth care and a hope for the best, he is now eating well and gaining…

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her story… Sassy is a nicely put together Quarter Horse mare that was a former barrel horse. She is currently in rehab for foot care. Her toes are extremely long and it will take some time for them to come back to normal. Her feet have trimmed up nicely, she is walking and trotting, moving…

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her story… Three, thus named for the #3 freeze branded on her neck, is a gorgeous black QH/TB mare, approx. 15 years old. Her former owner died and several animals needed homes or go to slaughter, that brought her to RCER. Three is easy to catch, leads nice, is in good weight & broke to…

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his story… Sherman was impounded by RCER on 2-27-16 and was extremely emaciated and anemic at that time. As an Off Track Thoroughbred he is tattooed but we cannot read the first digit that tells his age, the vet thinks he is approx. 14 years old. Sherm is the sweetest guy ever, his favorite sport is…

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O’Mally is a horse with a lot of class. Pretty mover and handsome Pinto markings. He is not for the faint of heart as he has a lot of go, he has been ridden by an 11 year old in the past. He had an injured foot when he arrived, but it has cleaned up…

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Penny tumor repair

Penny is a Senior QH mare that came to RCER because of tumors in her nose that were blocking her breathing. In 2011 Penny had laser treatment and surgery for the tumors on her right side of her face and she recovered well. She was adopted by Marty and Michelle. Recently, Penny had another large blood…

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Kit is an 14.3 hand, approx 10 year old bay mare, may be part Tennessee Walker/Paso Fino cross. Kit was impounded for lack of hoof care and possible founder. A trip the the vet, where 7 inches were removed from her hooves, has got her walking normal again. It appears as though she may be gaited.…

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 Bandit, An Arab, in his mid teens that was impounded by law enforcement. The before picture is on 2-27-10, 3 days after impound. He had a body score of 1 & was very emiciated. The during picture was taken on 3/29/10. Bandit had just had a good roll in the sand & was dirty, but…

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Willow, a weanling about seven months old at the time on intake. He had painful rain rot patches on his back that will leave lifetime white hair patches. Full of worms & under nourished, he was not halter broke. After being examined by a vet, it was determined that Willow was about 18 months old…

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Lizzy, a 13 year old mini, previously foundered, walking on feet that had not received proper care for an extended period of time. Pictured are her feet at time of impound. Update After two trims by a natural care farrier. Lizzie will always need the have her feet done on a regular basis, but she…

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