Pars Flick O Spice

Her story...

Pars Flick O Spice, barn name Spice, is an AQHA registered mare born on 2009. She is reining horse bred and has been ridden/started in reining. She became sore as a three/four year old and has been since that time. We had her vet checked last month and it was determined that she was sore in her shoulders and loin/hip area. RCER felt that this nice mare deserved as chance and we have set a course to see if we can help her become sound again.

Spice was high on one heel in each of her front feet, we leveled her out and then Diedra started doing body work on her. This has helped her to the point that the Equine Chiropractor worked on her on 9-18. We have seen vast improvement, with the hope that she will be available for adoption soon.

Spice is one of the sweetest mare RCER has had the privilege to work with. You may see her pedigree at

Spice has found her forever home. Thanks to Theresa and family for adopting her