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Every dollar matters

The Initial Basic Cost of Taking in a Horse is $415

Rodeo City Equine Rescue goes beyond "basic care" to rehabilitate and care for horses under their supervision.  Rodeo City Equine Rescue is extremely fortunate to have a large support team of experts to tackle any small, large, or unique problem that may come along with a surrendered horse.  There are numerous veterinarians, equine dentists, massage therapists, equine chiropractors, barefoot practitioners, trainers, and nutritionists available and more than willing to help when a unique situation comes in. 


While some horses may need a little (or a lot) extra, all of the horses that come to Rodeo City Equine Rescue get the basic care that is outlined below. 

The BASIC CARE every horse gets in the hands of Rodeo City Equine Rescue


$10 - one round of wormer  

$15 - supplements and vitamins for a month

$30 - grain for one month

$40 - one hoof trim (done every 6 weeks)

$80 - hay for one month

$60 - yearly vaccine 

$150 - one dental

$50 - average transport fee

Frequently Asked Questions

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Every Dollar Makes a Difference to a Rescued Horse.

Transport $50

Transportation of equine from current location to their foster home

Basic Feed $60


for 1 month

Full Feed $105




for 1 month

Health Care $110


Hoof trim


Equine Dental $150

Equine dental by a veterinarian

Full Intake care $415

Full feed for 1 month

Basic health care


Equine Dental

Equine Training $500

Professional Training Scholarship for an untrained horse once adopted. Scholarship will be paid directly to the professional trainer.

Equine Special Gift

What can you give today?

Re-occuring Monthly Gift

Here are just a few of the horses that want to say "THANK YOU" for your financial gift.

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