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Wanda and Halla

I first saw Halla on Facebook looking straight at me with doleful eyes.  Oh No! Not again! (I said to myself).  Long story short.  I brought Bint Halla home, registration papers and all.  Halla was born in 1992.   I adopted her in 2013.  All she had to do is enjoy life.  She came to my…

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Wanda and Babs

My name is Wanda Holloway.  I have owned, bred, shown Arabian horses since 1970.  My, then, husband and I were known as Don-Wan Arabians.  Our bloodlines were mostly Egyptian.  We knew pretty much all the Arabian breeders in the area. Time passed.  I became single, moved North of Moses Lake in 1995.  Still I had…

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Erich and Charlie

I adopted Charlie in 2014. My wife and I had fostered him for several months before we decided to adopt him.  It was his “hello” nicker every-time I walked out the front door that made my heart just smile!   Rodeo City Equine Rescue took in Charlie because his owners were no longer able to care for…

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Nicole and Bisquit

I adopted Bisquit in 2012. Bisquit was a young unbroken filly, who had been rescued from a starvation impound. From the first time I met her… I felt the connection. Even though there were no words exchanged, I could feel that she just understood me… and my life’s story. Despite being a novice rider and…

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Kim and Rane

The first time I saw this beautiful Appaloosa filly was at the Rodeo City Equine Rescue spaghetti fund raiser.  She was pictured on a placard that was placed on all of the tables.  I couldn’t take my eyes off of that picture all night.  I just knew she was something special.  But she wasn’t available…

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Diedra and Bandit

Eight years prior to getting involved with Rodeo City Equine Rescue I was working for the Department of Agriculture placing Apple Maggot traps in trees around Ellensburg. At one of my stops a paint mare had just given birth to a black and white baby boy. My husband had dreamed of having a black and…

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Judy and Belle

For several years I’ve been a foster home for Rodeo City Equine Rescue, fostering 19 horses. While I have loved all of the horses that I have fostered none of them stole my heart the way the 19th horse, Belle did. From the moment I met her, it was love at first site. I fell in love…

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Lacy and Riley

Adopting Lacy has been a blessing to me and my family. She’s so gentle, sweet, caring and anyone can ride her because she’s so well behaved. Lacy is the perfect horse for me and I know I’m the perfect girl for her! I am so thankful that we were able to give her a good…

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Chance and Lisa

After I turned 50, two kids grown and on their own I was hoping to adopt a horse but never thought I could as they are expensive and my riding experience was limited. I only rode as a kid on a neighbor’s horse and at camp.  I have worked with many rescues and realized there…

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