Wanda and Halla

Babs and Halla s story to RCER

I first saw Halla on Facebook looking straight at me with doleful eyes.  Oh No! Not again! (I said to myself).  Long story short.  I brought Bint Halla home, registration papers and all.  Halla was born in 1992.   I adopted her in 2013.  All she had to do is enjoy life.  She came to my house with a “tude”.  Can’t catch me! Don’t touch me! I don’t trust you.  When caught, tho’, she was a perfect lady.

No more than got her home and settled in a pipe rail corral; than I turned my back and heard Whang, Bang, rattle, rattle.  Halla had kicked at my gelding, Beebs, and locked her back leg up high into the pipe rail. Oh dear!  She looked at me, like “get me out of this”.  I called for help while retrieving my trusty 9/16th inch wrench.  Halla just stood there, never panicked as I loosened the panel.  It dropped too the ground taking her with it.  Halla got up, looked at me with “It’s about time”. And walked off in disgust.  We proved she is not flighty.  I do not know her background; but was told she had some cutting training.  When working in the round corral, she knows exactly what to do.  If I were younger, I might have saddled her up; but, I promised her she would never again be mistreated, ever.

            I now have four Arabians.  We are growing old together.  Three are grey and Halla is brilliant red.  I can’t imagine myself, ever, without a horse around.  I praise God for His promise of Psalm 37:4.  “He who delights in the LORD shall be granted the desires of his(her) heart”. (Paraphrase.)

I urge anyone who can to adopt one of God’s most precious creations………along with dogs, cats and all the rest.