adoption process

Thank you for your consideration in adopting a horse. It is our intention to place each and every horse into a home where not only the horses basic needs will be met but the horse will find a forever home that it can emotionally and mentally flourish.


Many of these horses have been through very difficult times and it is our responsibility to do the very best that we can to insure that each horse is placed into the perfect home. When choosing a home for each horse we are looking out for the horses best interest. If at any point we feel that the potential home is not optimal we may not approve the adoption of that horse and suggest a horse that is more appropriate (if available) that will thrive in your home.


Fill out an adoption application. Please fill this out completely. Only fully completed adoption applications with references will be considered for approved.



Make an appointment to visit the horse you are interested in.  This is a very important step. It is a chance for you and the horse to see if you have a connection and are a good fit.



If you have been approved to adopt the horse you are interested in and have decided that this is the perfect horse for you, confirm through email or phone that you would like to adopt the horse.


At this point you are first in line to successfully adopt this horse. Any other interested parties will be put on a waiting list.



Sign the adoption contract and pay the adoption fee.


Until these requirements have been fulfilled the horse will remain for adoption. This step (step 4) should be completed within 3 days after the adoption approval. After this time if step 4 has not been completed then the horse will be available to the next person waiting to adopt this horse.



Congratulations! We are so happy that you have found the perfect horse. At this point we will be happy to remove your horse from the available horses for adoption.


It’s time for your horse to go to its new home! Please make arrangements for your horse to be transported. We ask that you pick your horse up in a timely manner so we can bring in the next horse waiting for our help.


We understand that people have to work and life can get crazy so we will give you grace period of 7 days (from the date we received your confirmation email) to pick up your new family member.


After 7 days there will be a $10 per day charge for feed and care.  You have a maximum of 14 days (from the date we received your confirmation email) to pick up your horse. If you need to extend this time please make prior arrangements with the foster family or find a temporary boarding facility.


If your horse has not been picked up or other arrangements have not been made within 14 days. Your horse will become available for adoption again. Your adoption fee will be returned minus the $10 per day boarding fee starting from the date we received your confirmation email.