her story… We don’t have a lot of history on Mariah, we do know that she was a ladies riding horse until the woman was killed in an automobile accident several years ago. Mariah has been a pasture mate the past few years. Mariah is a gentle on the ground Sr horse, approx 20 yrs…

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her story… Mama is a Senior mare that has been ridden extensively over trails the past few years. She would be best for a beginner trail rider or child on shorter distances. She is a kind mare with a big heart, looking for a home that has another horse for a partner and a few…

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Katherine R N

her story… Katherine is a 16 year old Off the track Thoroughbred. She has not had much riding the past couple of years and we we have an assessment of her training done soon. Kat is a big mare and has been a nice girl to work with on the ground. More info to be…

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her story… Italy is a former gaming mare that we think has had some hard use in the past. As a result her feet have some trauma and she is currently in shoes with pads. Our goal is to get her comfortable and usable as a trail/riding horse with the use of boots. She requires…

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Saddle for Sale

The story… English saddle for sale,  $150 OBO unless otherwise listed. Price for a 4-H or child is discounted. Wintec 17″ English with leathers and stirrups.   Other Horses for Adoption

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A Rescue horse stole my heart.


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I have to say, I've seen a lot of Rescue groups come and go. Rodeo City Equine Rescue is the best one I've known of! They take wonderful care of the horses in their care. From teeth to hooves and everything in between. They don't take on more than they are able to care for properly. They do things right! Any donations to RCER, you can be sure are used solely for the horses care, not for anyone's personal gain.

-Vanessa K.

I love this rescue [Rodeo City Equine]. They do GREAT work and always make sure the horses come first!

- Rebecca Gremel

Thanks for my new friend Tommy Boy, enjoying him more everyday. He teaches me new things everyday.

- Ken Sturgill

This is the most amazing group of people I have ever met. They are all about helping the animals.

-Judy Parker

This group is exemplary of what all horse rescues should be like. I adopted my Chance through them. They rehab horses & re-home them. I will support this group always. Thank you for what you do for the horses.

~Lisa Cumming Kowals


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