Saddles for Sale

The story… Several saddles for sale, all are usable with good trees. Would make a good start for someone getting into horses & riding. $150 each/OBO unless otherwise listed. Price for a 4-H or child is discounted. They are listed in order of the way pictured. Western cordura, 17″ light weight, cheap saddle with very…

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Her story… Tilly a good looking paint mare with unusual characteristics. She will drop her head right into a halter but is concerned about you touching her nose. Tilly is very smart and picking things up fast. We have been told she is broke to ride and we have saddled her so far. The vet…

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Her story… Charlotte is a young paint mare, reported to be approx 6 years old. We will have a better assessment as to her age when she gets her teeth floated. This mare is very friendly, loves people and getting groomed. We do not think she has been broke to ride, but has had some…

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Her story… Peaches is a gal that we have next to no info on. When we had her teeth floated the vet determined her to be approx 14 years old. She is a horse that was abandoned by an owner several years back when they moved out of the area and has not been handled…

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his story… Lenny is a young horse that has had a rough start in life. He had been living in a dark stall, no lights, never let out and chronically under fed and covered in lice. He is becoming a cute young man, still a bit food aggressive, but doing well in his foster home. …

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Pretty Drea

Her story… Pretty Drea is a Quarab bay mare, 14.2 hands and 13 years old. She survived when her family lost everything in the Paradise CA fires in 2018 and was missing for 3 days during this harrowing time. She was burned on her head, ears, stomach and feet and has managed to make a…

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Her story… Ruby is a paint mare that has come to RCER because the owner has cancer. We are not aware of Ruby’s training history, so we will try to determine her status as we work with her. We think her age to be 10 years plus and will know more when she gets her…

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A Rescue horse stole my heart.


Adopting a horse is the ultimate gift you can give a horse that is in the care of a rescue. 


Your generous donation is essential for the care of the horses while they wait for their forever home. Your donation is 100% tax deductible.


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I have to say, I've seen a lot of Rescue groups come and go. Rodeo City Equine Rescue is the best one I've known of! They take wonderful care of the horses in their care. From teeth to hooves and everything in between. They don't take on more than they are able to care for properly. They do things right! Any donations to RCER, you can be sure are used solely for the horses care, not for anyone's personal gain.

-Vanessa K.

I love this rescue [Rodeo City Equine]. They do GREAT work and always make sure the horses come first!

- Rebecca Gremel

Thanks for my new friend Tommy Boy, enjoying him more everyday. He teaches me new things everyday.

- Ken Sturgill

This is the most amazing group of people I have ever met. They are all about helping the animals.

-Judy Parker

This group is exemplary of what all horse rescues should be like. I adopted my Chance through them. They rehab horses & re-home them. I will support this group always. Thank you for what you do for the horses.

~Lisa Cumming Kowals


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