About Rodeo City Equine

Lizzy, an older mini, bringing a smile to people’s faces at the local Farmer’s Market

Rodeo City Equine Rescue Group is dedicated to rehabilitating and re-homing abused and unwanted horses.

We are a tax exempt 501(C)3  organization operating under the laws of the state of Washington. RCER provides safe and healthy foster homes for equines, whether they are an abuse/neglect impound or a voluntary owner release. RCER is dedicated to giving horses the life they deserve.

Rodeo City Equine Rescue is a 100% volunteer organization and no member receives a salary, tip or monetary compensation for their time, effort or talent. Our goal as a rescue is to rehabilitate and re-home equines and bovines. Each of our volunteer members works out their own facilities to house, rehabilitate and re-home animals.

Our organization is funded entirely through fundraising and community donations. If you would like to support Rodeo City Equine Rescue, please contact us. We would like to thank our supporters for their time and generosity.

Rodeo City Equine Rescue follows the AAEP guidelines for equine rescued and retired horses.  RCER is also familiar with current Washington State Animal and Livestock laws .

Federal Tax ID
(EIN) 20-5159502


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