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Pars Flick O Spice

Her story… Pars Flick O Spice, barn name Spice, is an AQHA registered mare born on 2009. She is reining horse bred and has been ridden/started in reining. She became sore as a three/four year old and has been since that time, was diagnosed with lamenitis. We had her vet checked last month and it…

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Her story… Julie is a 25 year old Senior Tennessee Walking Horse mare. She is ridable at this time, has been ridden in a hackamore by kids in the past. She is currently thin and we are working to help her gain weight. She needs a place to live out her days or to be…

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Her story… This Pretty Thoroughbred mare is nice, nice, and nice. Everyone that is around her mentions how nice she is. Classy has on old injury on her right hind leg that has healed but has left a scar. She is a nice trail horse but the old injury would make her unsuitable for jumping…

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her story… Gypsy is a 13 year old Quarter Horse mare. She has been ridden on mountain trails and in the arena, but not ridden the past couple of years. Gypsy is good in the herd, rides well along side other horses, trailers nice. She is seeking for her forever home. Gypsy has found her…

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Her story… Pretty is a horse that survived when her family lost everything in the Paradise CA fires and Pretty was missing for 3 days during this harrowing time. She was burnt on her head and ears and has made a nice recovery. Her last trip to the vet confirmed that she is doing well.…

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Her story… Brownie is a Sr mare, approx 20 years old. We have been told that she was a former gaming/barrel horse. Brownie was thin when she arrived, but has gained weight nicely, had her teeth floated, wormed and vaccinated. Seems to be a nice mare seeking a new home. Brownie was ridden this week…

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Sadie Shine

Her story… Sadie shine is an APHA registered mare born in 2006. She has not been handled in the past two years and has become Leery of people. Once she is caught she settled some, we were told that she was broke to ride but have not been able to confirm that at this time,…

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Reeds Leo Doc Dolly

Her story… Dolly, a AQHA and NFQHA registered mare, name of Reeds Leo Doc Dolly. She is a 22 year old been there done that kind of mare. She gets along well in the herd, is nice to catch and work around, can fly spray without a halter on. Dolly is sometimes difficult to load.…

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Peppy Pars Halfatank (Jo dee)

Her story… Jo dee, an AQHA registered name of Peppy Pars Halfatank, is a 2000 mare that has been used to cut off on, team pen and just about anything else related to a good using horse. Jo dee has not been ridden this past year. She would do best with a knowledgeable rider that…

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Her story… Lady is a 2002 BLM branded Mustang mare standing approx 14.1 or 14.2 hands tall. We were told she was broke to ride but not been ridden for the past several years.  Under saddle, lady did not appear to have a lot of rein training, but was good to ride around. She would…

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