Willow, a weanling about seven months old at the time on intake. He had painful rain rot patches on his back that will leave lifetime white hair patches. Full of worms & under nourished, he was not halter broke. After being examined by a vet, it was determined that Willow was about 18 months old instead of the 7 we were initially told he was, making him much older than his size would suggest. Two weeks into rehab, he is walking politely on a lead and learning to trust people.
Update; 10 months after intake, Willow is growing up and turning into a handsome fellow. He will be an averaged size horse, now that he is receiving proper nutrition. He has learned to pony alongside another horse. Willow has been adopted into a lifetime home.
2nd Update; Being started under saddle, this guy is athletic & cowy, quick & smart


willow upon impound


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