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Sammie is a 20 y.o. 14.1 hands high QH mare (considered a large pony), retired five years ago from being shown jumper/hunter due to stiffness and discomfort remaining sound; no lameness. She is a smooth ride with her collected jog/trot as easy as pie to sit. She is best ridden in an arena as that is what she knows. She is not a child’s horse requiring an intermediate to advanced intermediate rider. I believe she could do well being shown in flat classes - English or western. She seems to thrive best on routine. She is up to date on her vaccinations and dewormed as of November 14th, 2016. Her teeth were floated in the spring of 2016. She is currently shod on the front and is not due for a trim until January 10th.

We are currently trying to find a new home for Sammie because my other horse is an absolute bully toward Sammie. She has always had some anxious traits but her anxiety level has escalated since my horse arrived on the scene leaving her with frequent bite marks, scrapes and defensiveness toward anything and anyone at feeding time. I just want Sammie to have a good home.

We have observed narcoleptic episodes in the pasture but never under saddle.

She comes with her two blankets, leather halter, Nibble net feed bag, and her canvas/webbing training bridle. I am willing to send copies of her health records upon request.

She is residing at my sister’s home in Ellensburg until we can find a new home for Sammie. My sister would be willing to show Sammie to you.

Side note: I am willing to give her away as finding her a new home is my top priority. I would be more than glad to speak with you about her or put you in touch with my daughter who knows this horse inside and out after 5+ years of showing her.

Jackie Murphy (206) 730-8637

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Adoption Fee
  • Quarter Horse
  • Bay
  • mare
  • 14.1 hh
  • 20 yrs old
  • Arena Horse
  • Intermediate Rider

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