Puddle Jumper

Dear Miss Daisy

I am afraid of puddles and my human keeps trying to teach me to go through them instead of around or over them?  How do I teach my human I might drown or that the muddy, irky stuff that envelopes my feet might just suck me in?


Please help

Puddle Jumper


Dear Puddle Jumper;

You don’t have to be taught to walk through water!  What you do need to do is learn how to remove the fear and trust the human.  If this is too overwhelming for you on your own you should try to buddy up with an experienced equine friend.  Walk closely with them through the water, don’t look down (that always scares me) rather march through that water looking forward to the other side.  I caution you against trying to jump over as the footing is usually slippery and you might fall or embarrass yourself with muddy legs.  So be brave my puddle jumping friend and walk tall.


Happy trails

Miss Daisy

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