Charlie Brown (CB)

his story...

Charlie Brown, CB for short, is a Welsh size pony that has lived as a pasture pet for the last several years. He is good on lead line but wants to panic when pressure gets too much for him to handle. He is now in a foster home where he will get daily handling and care. His feet had not been done in a year, but they trimmed up nicely. His teeth need to be floated and his general health updated, ie worming, vaccinating, will be done this month. CB appears to be a roan, but has Sabrino paint traits. We have been told he is broke to ride but further assessment will be required to determine that. CB is not considered appropriate as a kids horse at this time.

Quick Peek Overview & Characteristics

Adoption Fee $400
  • Welsh mix
  • Red Roan, Sabrino
  • Gelding
  • 10 hh
  • 18 -20, yet to be detrrmined
  • TBD
  • Intermediate to experienced Rider